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Mac Internet Filter Software Review

Why Internet Filter Software?

The internet can be a dangerous place. No one wants to have to monitor computer usage, but sometimes it is necessary to filter and block websites for children or employees. It’s important to find the best Mac internet filter software that fits all your needs. Look for the most user-friendly and least time-consuming software that will help you protect your loved ones.

This fantastic software has a variety of features to help protect your children from online predators and inappropriate content. These applications will block or monitor social media sites such as Facebook and MySpace. The applications can also monitor or filter emails. For comprehensive software that takes screenshots, monitors all emails and chats, and can send you alerts when inappropriate content is accessed, try Net Nanny. The Safe Eyes software has an intuitive interface and can provide detailed reports as well as expertly filter websites.

However, if this type of software is not used properly, it can be considered spyware and can have criminal and civil implications. For more information about proper use, check out our articles on Mac internet filter software.

Mac Internet Filter Software: What to Look For

Most of the applications we reviewed have very similar functions and goals. However, some of the different programs are better at certain tasks. Some specialize in recording, some in reporting and remote management, and some are just all-around excellent programs. This is why it is important to look at the different options and determine which one most closely suits your needs.

Filtering and Blocking
All of the applications we reviewed are able to filter and block websites. Some do it by running URLs through a detailed database. Some scan the page for keywords of your choosing and alert you when the websites have been accessed. You can also use these programs to filter or block emails, instant messages (IM) and social media programs.

Some applications record the internet browsing history with clickable links, some with screenshots and some with both. Some applications can record every online search made, every file transferred and every email message exchanged.

Using the program you can access the data recorded using various methods. There are searchable logs of software, screenshots that let you view the entire monitor and email reports. Some applications will send an email alert to tell you when someone attempts to access a blocked website. Another feature is to alert you when certain keywords are typed or displayed on the monitor.

Help & Support
The different manufacturers offer a variety of customer support options. Look for user forums, tutorials and telephone support.

Mac internet filter software can be a valuable tool. You can use it to protect your children from predators and other online threats, keep your employees on task or a variety of other functions. Some programs will even allow you to receive emails with detailed reports so you can know what your children are doing, even when you are at work.